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Number 1,118, July 18, 2021

What the hell did we ever do to them?

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by L. Neil Smith
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According to the Associated Press, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has won the Democrat primary for mayor of New York City—the equivalent of being elected in that one-party state—replacing the execrable Bill de Blasio (who should have arrested Andrew Cuomo for mass murder, or been arrested, himself) after appealing to what passes for the political center in that bleak Marxist outpost, and promising “to strike the right balance between fighting crime and ending racial injustice in policing”.

Yeah, right.

We’ve seen and heard (and smelled) it all before. Adams, in case you hadn’t heard it yet, is an ex-cop struggling to drag Democrat gun control theory backward into the mid-1960s, to the benighted era of the late Senator Howard M. Metzenbaum (I called him “Slaughterbush” in one of my novels, I forget which), when the expression “Saturday Night Special was a cowardly abbreviation for a phrase it’s probably illegal even to think today on either coast. What’s missing are two words indicating a portion of the city inhabited mostly by one race of human beings in particular.

The result of constant liberal haranguing on the gun subject was years of astonishing technical progress, dodging around idiotic laws, and of solid historical and sociological scholarship, ultimately culminating in books like John Lott’s monumental More Guns, Less Crime, the title of which says it all. Today, the left’s real problem is that very few crimes are ever committed with their current object of obsession, the fraudulently-named “assault rifle”. A temporary ban imposed on guns like that for ten years by the Clinton Administration failed to produce any discernable change in crime rates before it expired.

More and more, the left’s insane fetish seems to have nothing to do with safety or crime-control, but is intended simply to cripple the individual’s capability of self-defense, while stripping us all of the police protection we pay and vote for. Democrats, apparently, hate, loathe, fear, and despise the American Productive Class so intensely that they want to see us all dead and to steal our hard-won property or see it reduced to cinders. They hate suburbia, as well. The question—and it is a deeply psychopathlogical one—is, what the hell did we ever do to them, except mind our own business, cut our lawn, and raise our own kids to be the best human beings they can possibly be? That, I suppose, is their latest definition of racism.

Other jurisdictions have found different solutions for crime—most notably Vermont—and other states and cities across the country are slowly feeling their way toward the Founders’ sanity. The great state of Texas is now a “Constitutional Carry” state, as it should have been decades ago. The real question is, can they keep it?

Although people like Ayn Rand have loved it, New York City has always presented a problem for individuals who believe in freedom, because its answer to crime has always been to break the Founding Fathers’ promises, and suspend or violate some portion of the Bill of Rights. Even the illustrious Rudy Giuliani was guilty of exactly that kind of madness, and his administration, contrary to FOX News, produced no Utopia—nor have I heard anything from Republican mayoral nominee Curt Sliwa (founder of the Guardian Angels) to give me hope. New York is doomed, and Chicago, for the same reasons. And with them, all large human cities—bug-huts—not a viable form for our species, apparently. Only complete Constitutional restoration can save any of them, and it’s not very likely.

The real answer, I think, is rather complicated and difficult and will require persistence and determination. First, obviously, we must pledge never to vote for any Democrat (Marxist, but I repeat myself) ever again. They have worn out their welcome servicing (in the agricultural sense) the American public. Second, recognizing that they and their families all have business interests outside of government (which is how Nancy Pelosi got so obscenely rich), we must subject those businesses to strict Boycott, Divestiture and Sanctions. Starve them out of office. If possible, this publication will expose those business interests; we will want your help. Criteria must be adopted to define organizations like BLM and Anti-fa as the enemy terrorists they are. Finally, we must set up committees to complain bitterly whenever Marxists are given time on radio or TV—that last smacks of “cancel culture” a little, and I worry about it, but the other side, not us, has made this into a war.

And war it shall be.



L. Neil Smith

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