“Gun control is the idea that it‘s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose
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Government healthcare is the
first step to cyanide showers.
— Neil Smith (no relation)



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Remembering Neil
(The Feature Article)

Leaving Afghanistan-stan-stan
Leaving Afghanistan-stan-stan

The vision of a better future worth fighting for

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The Editor’s Notes
…here we are again…

Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez

Remembering Neil
by Carl Bussjaeger
I wrote a very brief post on the passing of L.Neil Smith, but I wasn’t too sure about doing a full-blown eulogy. I figured the rest of the world would handle that, and there are plenty of people who knew him better than I did. But last week’s TLE finally prompted me to do a little remembering. The quotes are approximations; some of these memories are decades old.

Jefferson's Promise, Smith's Fulfillment
A Memorial Tribute to L. Neil Smith
on the 35th Anniversary
of the
Covenant of Unanimous Consent

by Dennis Wilson
The Covenant of Unanimous Consent does not receive nearly the amount of publicity that it deserves. The USA Imperial Empire is in the late stages of fascism (crony-corporatism). The Covenant can play an important role among those who plan now to survive and rebuild after the collapse of the dollar, the military empire and the breakup of the United States.

What If…
by Manuel Miles, (aka Kaptain Kanada)
This is not an easy article to write. I am grieving the loss of not only a personal friend, but a friend of the causes of peace and liberty. So forgive me if this is deficient.

L. Neil Smith: A Tribute
by Sean Gangol
I can certainly say that the last two years have been brutal when it comes to losing the people that I admire the most. First there was the tragic death of J. Neil Schulman back in 2019, who had a major influence on my libertarian beliefs. Last February, Rush Limbaugh lost his battle with lung cancer and while he was not a libertarian, I admired him for the way he pioneered a form of media that mainstream leftist haven’t been able to suppress. Then on August 27, we lost the man who established this very journal, L. Neil Smith. When I heard the news of Neil’s passing on his Facebook page, I was filled with great sadness. While I didn’t know Neil like some of the contributors of this journal did, it still felt as if I had lost a mentor, since he was the man who introduced me to the concept of libertarianism. My first exposure to Smith’s works came when I read Mitzvah and Hope, which he co-wrote with Aaron Zelman.

With Thanks
by Harding McFadden
I wasn’t going to do this. Sit here and write an obit or short remembrance of El Neil, tell how much his work affected me, how reading the Enterprise gave me a weekly safe haven for years. I wasn’t going to do it. In truth, after I’d heard he’d died, I figured that the next half dozen issues of TLE would be filled with just such memories, from people far more articulate than I, who knew him better, and had had an association with this mag for a LOT longer than I had. I wasn’t going to do it.

Letter from Germany
by Harald Mischnick
Issue 1,124 of TLE tells me that you are dead. Reading this I was very shocked. Are you really dead? Yes, I know, you are an atheist. But I as a christian believe in the immortuality of the soul. Your old ill and, as you always wrote, crippled body is really gone.

Never Enough Time
by Thomas Andrew Olson
My first exposure to Neil, as was probably true for many people, was The Probability Broach. I think I got the first edition hot off the press, around 1980. That copy became wrinkled and dog-eared, surviving many moves to multiple states over the decades. But then sometime in the late “aughts” I loaned it out to someone, whereupon it disappeared. I have a reprint, in pretty pristine condition, but it’s not the same. I have most of his other works on my shelf as well, and I never miss an opportunity to extoll those works to potential future fans. (But I’ll never loan them out again.)

From The Rust Belt to the Asteroid Belt—
L. Neil Smith: A Belated Obituary

by Jeff Fullerton
Last Sunday was the start of a sad day at Black Rock. Awaking that day around 5ish; somewhere near the ending of an audiobook: Heinlein’s Door onto Summer started on the drive home Saturday night and fell asleep on somewhere shortly after the protagonist awakes from cold sleep—I decided to check the Libertarian Enterprise as I often do on an early Sunday morning—even though I had put nothing out that week—to see who published what. And sadly I learned that L. Neil Smith was gone from this world. Passed about a week before. Given his not so good health history and age I knew this day was coming sooner or later but I always hoped it would be later.


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