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Number Number 1,129, November 10, 2021

Why should anyone, juryman or
otherwise, believe anything
attested to by any of the
government’s stooges?

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder
Patronize Me!

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You should go read a new article by Vin Suprynowicz at [This Link]. The article is so long I decided not to copy it over into this issue.


To repeat last week’s notice:

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No, I still haven’t gotten the job descriptions written up. Real Soon Now! Really! No, Really!


So I’m just back from a concert by the McKinney Community Band. Some spectacular playing, especially in Joseph Wilcox Jenkins’ American Overture for Band and Selection from “The Danserye” by Tielman Susato (arranged by Patrick Dunnigan), the later an old fashioned Renaissance work with lots of brassy brass that made a glorious sound in the Christ United Methodist Church over in Plano. So nice to live somewhere that has music.

Alas, North Texas also has allergens. *A-Shew!* But other than sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and feeling yucky, all is well. (And this is with anti-allergy drugs, mind you!)

I do sometimes feel like I should sleep all day, but I struggle against it. Mostly.

Anyway, a link to a 3-D-Printed robot dog: Wannabe supervillains rejoice: You can 3D print a robot dog army now Modeled after Boston Dynamics’ (in)famous Spot robot, the quadruped can be controlled over Wi-Fi.


Not only are all the words used in political thought and discussion now all corrupted, so are the ideas behind them. See, for example: Conservatism is Dead. Even people who think they are conservatives, no longer know what that word means. Well played y’all enemies of liberty. Well played. We have “liberals” who aren’t; we have “conservatives” who aren’t; we have “libertarians” who aren’t; we have “anti-racists” who are racist; we have “anti-fascists” who are fascists; and so on and on and on. If words no longer have meanings, there is no point in using words. What’s left?

Speaking of words/ideas, how about this one: What is Modern Monetary Theory? Understanding the alternative economic theory that’s becoming more mainstream by Melanie Lockert. Is this correct? I don’t know, seeing as how words are now meaningless. Maybe it’s true, except nothing is true according to … them. Therefore … um … well … I don’t know then. Since something = nothing … therefore nothing = something. And since “money” has no value anyway … well, fill in the blanks. They are blank, you know.

But all is not (probably) lost. I see A Computer just finished Beethoven’s most infamous symphony, 196 years later. “Infamous?” I don’t know what they mean by that, but I have heard a little bit of this, and it sounded like Beethoven. I look forward to hearing the whole thing. Artificial Intelligence (whatever that is) can do some amazing things these days. I don’t think we have any Artificial Genius yet, but who knows, maybe an AI will insist words have meaning. Nah.

But enough of that, time for a quick look at some funny pictures. Isn’t that what life is all about?


Important InfoGraphic for those wondering:


The Best Comment on the great facebook outage:





Now this picture just makes me smile:








Not a flying car, but shore looks like it!





In other words: Stay Deplorable, my friends!

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