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Number 1,158, May 29, 2022

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Happy trails to you, until we meet again….
by Ken Holder

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Farewell! Happy trails to you, until we meet agin…. It has been an honor and a privilege.

Yes, I am retiring. It’s been a while coming but apparently things are finally in place to replace me. I hope, anyway, because this next week I’m packing up to hit the road to go live with my other kid for a while.

Alas, that other kid lives in California, at least for a while longer. I’ll be pushing for them all to move to Texas when they can, of course.

In other news, my car says 1,500-pounds cargo capacity. I don’t want to load it up all the way, so I’ve got to figure out how much stuff I can take with me. Stuff I can’t live without. Stuff I must have at hand. Um … ya know, necessities, such as books .… I have lots of books in e-book format, but I have lots more in paper format. Tons. Ah well.

And then there is the price of gasoline. Yikes!

And then there are CDs. I thought I had ripped all of them to files for playing on my computer, but then it appears that I haven’t. Just one damned thing after another.

I was going to go around the First of May, but then there was all that crazy weather in the Mountain West. Doesn’t look like the weather has gotten very much better, but at least getting trapped in snow is not so likely. Maybe?

And of course, California may burn up. Or is it burn down? Strangely, both terms mean the same thing. Such is English.

Another school shooting. And the shooter, everybody knew he was crazy—fellow students, family, school admin, cops—and yet nothing was done to try to help him. Typical, eh? And the fucking useless cops stood around for an hour before doing anything, afraid they might get shot, one of them said. Another typical.

But enough. I think I’ll just wave goodby, and then slowly fade away.

Stay Deplorable, my friends!


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