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Letters to the Editor

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Letter from Jeff Fullerton

Letter from Albert Perez

Letter from Jeff Fullerton

Destroy All Democrats

It finally came to pass

The price of gasoline jumped above $5 a gallon while I was at work Friday. Up another ten cents from $4.99 & nine tenths where it was when I rolled into town that morning. A historic milestone for my region - southwestern Pennsylvania. Fitting end to a week of fear and loathing over the prospect of freedom and prosperity in general.

It is obvious that an out of control President and his out of control political party are out to upend our way of life by using an artificial scarcity economy as a means to manipulate and control our life choices. As I contemplate the skyrocketing energy costs and what it means not only for whatever summer driving plans I might have had but also the prospect of even higher prices for home heating oil and propane and even firewood come winter - the realization is that my way of life may soon be over. I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to afford to heat my home let alone maintain the greenhouse and other hobby related pursuits. And I’m not alone. Millions of fellow Americans are facing this squeeze on top of ongoing general inflation of basic goods and services and supply chain issues. We are only halfway through the first term of the Biden Administration and I don’t know how we make it through the next winter. Let alone the end of the first term when we might have the chance to vote him out of office and change course.

So the only other option we have is to isolate this President by taking out as many of his party as possible in the upcountry midterm election this fall to render him impotent and obsolete and limit the damage he might be able to do until we can finally give him the boot and change course for the better. I keep thinking of the title of an old Japanese Sci Fi movie titled “Destroy All Monsters” featuring Godzilla, Rhodan, Mothra and company, which gave me the idea for the slogan: Destroy All Democrats.

Yes we must destroy them. Not only in the current election cycle but for the long term. The Democratic Party must die if America is to remain a free and prosperous nation. We must drive a stake through the heart of this vampire and upend its plan to turn our society into the likes of one of those bleak totalitarian futures governed by scarcity and rationing hallmark of many dystopian science fiction novels and movies. The Democrats are the party of scarcity and rationing. They are the party of corruption and tyranny. They are destructive parasites who have hijacked a constitutional republic and are systematically managing its decline while feeding off the decay. They thrive in an atmosphere of chaos and crisis and have no interest in actual problem solving and enduring solutions. Their so called progressive vision is essentially hydraulic despotism and the feudal systems from the pages of History warmed over.

For that reason alone they must be destroyed. Or at least punished so hard in this upcoming and future elections that they will never dare anything like the Green New Deal ever again.

Jeff Fullerton

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Letter from Albert Perez

From time to time I get letters from groups supporting civil rights of non -white Americans promoting gun control. Sometimes they claim this is to keep racist hate groups from acquiring weapons to commit crimes against members of "non-white" minority groups. Now it happens I am a light skinned Latino which means I am potentially a target of hate from white racists and brown and black racists. I mention this so that no one will claim I don't have an honest interest in this issue, and an interest on both sides.

I can not believe the ignorance and naivete of honest and decent people who support gun control so as to protect minority rights. Anyone who reads The Statutes at Large* will see that laws were passed regularly to deny Slaves, Free Black Men, and Native Americans ownership of firearms (and other weapons for that matter) to keep them "in their place." Justice Taney would later state in the Dred Scott decision that Black people could not be citizens because this would mean they could own guns.** Jim Crow laws passed after the Civil War denied Black People the right to own guns and restoring this right was part of the pretext to pass the 14th Amendment. Gun control laws have historically been enforced selectively against minority and lower-class members. Please don't tell me that the leaders of various Civil Rights groups don't know this history. Those who promote gun control as a tool to advance minority rights are either, ignorant of history, hopeless naifs, or actually malicious person attempting to disarm people so they are Easier to "keep in their place."

Of course, these laws will also harm members of the majority when members of the ruling elite find it convenient to oppress us (light skinned Latino, remember? I have gotten it for being too white.). Too pro -labor, conservative, liberal, critical of the bosses? in the way of the wrong person's building project? No gun for you.

The bosses who want gun control want us all to be equal, equally under their thumb, all peasants toeing the line. Any people who think gun controls will protect their rights is listening to political leaders who have long since sold them out.

Disclaimer: While the bulk of the documentation in this piece refer directly to Black disarmament, similar laws have been passed against Indians and similar policies of selective enforcement applied to damn near everyone. Just easier to get supporting documents referring to Black oppression through gun control.

* The statutes at large; being a collection of all the laws of Virginia, from the first session of the legislature, in the year 1619. Published pursuant to an act of the General assembly of Virginia, passed on the fifth day of February one thousand eight hundred and eight .. : Virginia. mn : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

** What The Dred Scott Decision Did To Us | Black Man With A Gun. Formerly the Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast. Everybody fails, the best of us get back up. The Black Man With A Gun Show ended after 14 years and 690 episodes but this journey continues..

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