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Number 1,183, November 20, 2022

Toleration requires fewer body bags than rage. — James Bovard

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The Editor’s Notes
by Charles Curley

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise


Last week we featured Leslie <;)))>< Fish's delightful song They Were Having a Sale at the Gun Store. You can find some of her CDs at Prometheus Music. The one with They Were Having a Sale at the Gun Store on it is Lock and Load.

In This Issue

L. Neil takes on the War on Drugs in his usual inimitable manner.

Alan Bickley ponders the demise of Britain's Conservative Party and what might replace it.

In the first of two parts, D. McKenzie Smith presents how the Constitution should be read (and often isn't).

Analytical Engine mechanic asks: Is it time to start shooting the bastards yet?

Links! Have we got Links!

Welcome to the New Normal. Each of the five episodes in the series follows Rose, a young teacher and mother navigating the disastrous implementation of the “new normal” in public schools. Viewers will surely find Rose’s story all too sympathetic—and unfortunately, all too realistic—in the wake of our own current public school crisis… The (Not So) Great Reset | Love Gov 3 | Episode 1 of 5. From the Independent Institute.

How easy or hard is it for students to attend the public school of their choice in the US? Some States Will Let Students Transfer to a Better Public School, For a Price See the full report, Public Schools Without Boundaries: a 50-State Ranking of K-12 Open Enrollment, for the gory details.

A dollar saved is a dollar you don't have to earn, and so a dollar not taxed. 7 Simple Ways to Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars

What’s So Great About Diversity, Anyway? There is an answer, if progressives can bring themselves to give it.

John Milton’s free speech crusade: His vision of liberty is more potent than ever

Report into Canada’s Freedom Convoy finds no violence after all Somebody was smart: requiring an inquiry after the fact when the PM invokes the Emergencies Act.

Cowardice kills: The failures on the night of the Manchester Arena bombing are so shocking they’re almost unbelievable. That's official cowardice, the cowardice of officials hiding behind their own safety when taking risks is an inherent part of their job.

The Cudgel of Antisemitism: Is there a crisis of hatred against Western Jews, or are they just another casualty in the game of victimhood politics? (A related question: is it possible to oppose a specific policy of the Israeli government without being antisemitic?)

Department of Alternate Platforms: Movies Plus. Among other things, it has the movie about the "Q Shaman", the guy who sat in Mike Pence's seat in the U.S. Senate chambers on January 6, 2021 wearing the weird hat. The movie whose account Twitter dropped. Q Sent Me

What is the true cost of all the various US wars? Costs of War

Via PERC: PERC research cited in an NBC investigation. VIDEO: Saving Yosemite from Environmentalists


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