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by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

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Our Blast from the Past is L. Neil’s contenplation on how to pick a presidential candidate.

I’ve known Leslie Fish on and off for years, meeting her at science fiction conventions from time to time. She is a prolific filk song writer, and published science fiction author. She has been quoted in these pages, but I believe this is her first appearance here. So I am pleased to welcome Leslie <;)))>< and her proposal for homelessness to The Libertarian Enterprise!

I haven’t seen Lewis Napper‘s Bill of NON-Rights before, and I like it. Apparently it’s been around since 1993 (so says, and we all knows fact checkers are always right, right?). And there are at least two versions of it out there in cyberspace. Enjoy!

Links! Have we got Links!

Take the time to watch these two videos. The life you save may be your own. I am not kidding, and neither are these folks. Know Your Rights and Don’t Talk to the Police

Cautious optimism on the new UK government. The Much-Needed Reincarnation of Thatchernomics

Daisy Luther on Some of My Favorite Preparedness Websites and YouTube Channels

Now Dilbert is racist! Popular comic strip is canned by 77 newspapers after artist Scott Adams began incorporating anti-woke plotlines, including black character who identifies as white Or was it just part of a large overhaul of comics?

Stop Trying to Rebrand Slavery

“Tyranny has had a makeover. It’s no longer a boot stamping on a human face forever. It isn’t a gruff cop dragging you into a cell for thinking or expressing a ‘dangerous’ idea. It isn’t a priest strapping you to a breaking wheel. No, authoritarianism is well-dressed now. It’s polite. It has a broad smile and speaks in a soft voice. It is delivered not via a soldier’s boot to the cranium but with a caring liberal head-tilt. And its name is Jacinda Ardern.” Jacinda Ardern and the woke war on free speech

TLE contributor Wendy McElroy explains due process to readers of The Hill. Due process reflects human nature and it is our best chance for fairness An oldie but a goodie.

A clear case of attempted mission creep. Or, in this case, mission gallop. Woke Planned Parenthood Doctor Claims ‘Men Can Have Pregnancies.’ GOP Congressman Levels Him.

“Rothbard Rocks!” But you already knew that.

Where is Hippocrates (“First, do no harm.”) when you need him? American Medical Association Pushes DOJ To ‘Investigate And Prosecute’ Those Who Call Out Gender Surgeries Online

It’s Scary How Much Big Tech Knows About You And don’t think Apple doesn’t do the same. Or any of the rest of them.


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