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The alert will have noticed that TLE has a new editor. Ken is making some changes in his life, and will have more to say about them in his farewell article.

My first goal as editor are to learn the system we have here. As you can tell from the page layout, it’s a bit archaic. Fortunately, our illustrious publishers (that would be the inimitable Cathy L.Z. Smith and the multi-talented Rylla C. Smith) have plans for the site and things will get better.

I can mention one change. Effective today, Jim Davidson has accepted the post of TLE’s roving reporter. We will be hearing from Jim in his peregrinations.

After that, I’d like to see TLE expand both in readership and in volume. As always, articles and letters to the editor are welcome.

With the recent murder sprees in Uvalde, Texas, Buffalo, New York, and elsewhere, I think our toon of the week pretty much sums up my thoughts. But do you think maybe there’s an election coming? Murder sprees, a leaked draft Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs that would overturn Roe v. Wade, baby formula shortages, inflation. Is someone trying to rally their voters maybe a little too hard?


by Charles Curley
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